Aviation Maintenance Consulting Services

About Our


AMCS is a global services group in the commercial aviation industry. With nearly 3 decades of experience we are here to assist you with every maintenance request. Deep knowledge and understanding of the importance, of the technical, commercial and financial aspects of any maintenance event irrelevant it’s size and complexity.



AMCS has been involved in various A/C and Engine projects and specialises in identifying, analysing, fine-tunning, forecasting and managing any maintenance project. Along with that we get involved in engine and A/C sales, leasing service management and consultation.



With deep knowledge in A/C and engine maintenance events we are able to support our customers on every maintenance requirement they might have. Through our understanding of both market and customer needs we can support and maximize the performance of your assets, reducing maintenance cost and minimizing the time required for maintenance events.


We are always looking to expand our team of experts and we pride on selecting the most suitable candidates for each task. Our continued and gradual growth throughout the last three decades could not be achieved without building a team of motivated experts with the right knowledge to serve even the most unusual demands of our customer network.