Technical Services

AMCS has a team of experienced consultants with deep knowledge in A/C and engine maintenance events, who are able to support our customers on every maintenance requirement they might have including, but not limited to:

Dirty Finger Report Review

Includes full review of dirty finger findings documentation and projection of how such will affect the engine repair cost of particular repair projects.

Engine Health Monitoring Report Analysis

Review of frequently updated condition monitoring reports, analysis of engine deterioration parameters and forecasting of upcoming maintenance events in conjunction with operational factors.

Boroscope Report Review

Analysis of BSI’s and VBSI’s on the line, pre and post repair in order to identify in/out of limits damages, confirm condition of the engine core and forecast upcoming SV events.

Table Inspection

Attendance of table inspections on behalf or along with customer staff and analysis of out of repair limits scrap parts. Implementation of various methodologie  to reduce scrap rates as per EMM.

Engine Performance Data Analysis

Engine performance review and forecasting of engine repair and overhaul events to maximize on wing time according to customer operational requirements.

Minipack and SVR review

Analysis of Shop Visit Reports, cross check of accuracy of information on documentation and coordination with MRO center for required corrections on documentation.

Test Cell Run Overview and Report Analysis

Practical analysis of engine performance parameters during test cell run and comparison of such with pre repair expected parameters and contractual obligations in relation to the same.

Maximize performance, reduce costs and time.

AMCS team through its understanding of both market and customer needs can support it’s clients and maximize the performance of their assets, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing the time required for maintenance events.